about us

action clothing a suit sp coat pants mostly cotton a few other fabrics, wear it wash it put it back in use whatever the event requires,

for a more formal look you only need an iron and it takes a more sophisticated  fashion appearance, you can  even wear a tie if called

for, that means if you are a person on the move, you can carry less clothing and still be sharp and even move faster about your business,

travel light with more options and without the cost of professional cleaners, or any type of dry cleaner wait and hassle, just wash the article,

suit, sp coat, pants, let dry a little and for me iron, you don't have to iron, there are those like me that to iron allows them the time to

meditate on how good life really is, and easy to look good

you can wear it anywhere  without the worry that it may be imperilled  , just wash it and iron if thats your style